Sewgirl green flowery dress


Say hello to Sewgirl!


She's a unique new fashion doll that will give you hours of fun and creativity.


Cut out the pieces from a printed panel and sew her up following the easy step by step instructions.


Sewgirl has lots of character,

funky hair, cool boots, cute undies, a watch and even a tattoo!

Download patterns for the Sewgirl Wardrobe.



Sewgirl is available to buy online


£12.00 inc P+P


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The printed cotton panel features your doll body including underwear, tattoo, boots and face details all of which can be painted or embroidered on to make your own unique Sewgirl.


Add your own hair and download the patterns for her clothes ...scroll down to see below  her fabulous outfits that you could make for her.

Here are her clothes, you can download patterns to make all of these including a natty dress, boyfriend jeans, fur stole for chic evenings out, knitted jumper, geeky glasses and a crochet hat for chilly days.

Why not give her a little button necklace or sew a button on her hand for a cute ring. Her boots look great with a fur trim or embroidered to give a folky look.

DOLL DRESS TEMPLATE Sewgirl clothes SEWGIRL GLASSES buy doll kit flower motif flower motif flower motif flower motif